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THIS THURSDAY AT 8PM - LECTURE: Professor NIGEL BIGGAR: What's Wrong with Rights?

Term Dates

Term Dates

Forthcoming Term Dates are listed below. Details about parents' meetings and reports can be found in the Routemap section of the website.


Monday 19th AprilTerm begins:

11.00am - 6.2 return
(lateral flow testing; lunch in Hall)

1.00pm - Fifth return
(lateral flow testing)

3.00pm - 6.1 return
(lateral flow testing)

5.00pm - Remove return
(lateral flow testing)

7.00pm - Shell return
(lateral flow testing)

7.00pm - supper for 6.2, 6.1, Fifth and Remove
Tuesday 20th April6.1 Parent Calls (to 22nd)
Saturday 1st MayTrinity Weekend begins:
12.00pm - 6.1, Remove, Shell pick-ups
12.40pm - 6.2, Fifth pick-ups
Monday 3rd MayTrinity Weekend ends:
7.00pm - 6.2, Fifth return
8.30pm - 6.1, Remove, Shell return
Tuesday 4th MayShell Parent Calls (to 6th)
Friday 28th MayLeave-Away begins (12.40pm)
Sunday 6th June7.00pm Socials open

Leave-Away ends (9.00pm)
Saturday 3rd JulyTerm ends (Gaudy)
Thursday 2nd SeptemberTerm begins (Shells 10.45am, others 7.30pm)
Friday 24th SeptemberShell Parents' Reception and Meeting with Form Masters (11.30am)
Friday 24th SeptemberMichaelmas Weekend begins (12.40pm)
Monday 27th SeptemberMichaelmas Weekend ends (9.00pm)
Friday 15th OctoberLeave-Away begins (12.40pm) - two weeks
Sunday 31st OctoberLeave-Away ends (9.00pm)
Friday 19th NovemberAdvent Weekend begins (12.40pm)
Monday 22nd NovemberAdvent Weekend ends (9.00pm)
Tuesday 14th DecemberTerm ends (10.15am)
Wednesday 5th JanuaryTerm begins (7.30pm)
Friday 21st January6.2 Parents' Meeting (12.00pm)
Friday 21st JanuaryHilary Weekend begins (12.40pm)
Monday 24th JanuaryHilary Weekend ends (9.00pm)
Sunday 30th JanuaryRemove Parents' Meeting (11.00am)
Friday 11th FebruaryFifth Form Parents' Meeting (11.25am)
Friday 11th FebruaryLeave-Away begins (12.40pm)
Sunday 20th FebruaryLeave-Away ends (9.00pm)
Friday 25th MarchTerm ends (10.15am)