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The Radley Day

The Radley Day

The boys at Radley are busy and purposeful. The timings of the school day may seem a little complicated but they are designed to fit in as many activities as possible. 

There is some fluidity to the timings below throughout the COVID pandemic to aid with distancing, especially with meal times.

 Summer Timetable
Mar - Oct)
Winter Timetable
(Oct - Mar)
 Mon, FriTue, Thur, SatMon, FriTue, Thu, Sat
08:30-09:15Period 1
09:20-10:00Period 2
10:05-10:45Period 3
10:45-11:15Short Break
11:15-11:55Period 4
12:00-12:40Period 5
13:40-14:40Central Hour
14:40-15:20Period 6Games Tue: Minor Games Sat: MatchesGames / Monday ActivitiesGames Tue: Minor Games Sat: Matches
15:25-16:05Period 7
16:40-17:20Games / Monday ActivitiesPeriod 6
17:25-18:05Period 7
19:10-19:30Chapel (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) / Social Prayers (Wed)
21:00-Cocoa / Societies
21:30-Bedtimes (time dependent on year group)

On Wednesdays morning lessons follow the same pattern. Afternoon lessons are 14:15-15:40 and Academic Priority Time is 16:05-17:30.

Mondays in the first half of the Michaelmas Term follow the Winter Timetable.