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Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Planning is reviewed regularly and all that the College does is measured by and against its core aims. In this way, we remain rooted in the past, relevant to the present and ready for the future. We are proud of the traditions of the school but at the same time we strive to innovate, to develop, to improve.

The following themes will drive our thinking between 2015 and 2020:

  1. Intellectual curiosity: We will seek, through the curriculum and beyond, to ensure that Radley is an intellectually stimulating place where boys are inspired to think for themselves, to develop their own opinions and to shape them through debate and reflection.
  2. Curriculum change: As GCSEs and A Levels change, we will manage our curriculum innovatively to deliver outstanding results, to prepare boys for life beyond Radley and to develop high levels of core knowledge and skills.
  3. Global awareness: A broadening outlook, through exchanges, trips, academic partnerships, online learning, language teaching, societies, and speakers will help Radleians become knowledgeable, imaginative, sensitive and engaged global citizens.
  4. Breadth of intake: Through the Open Entry and Scholarship processes, we will gradually introduce greater diversity – ethnically and socially – in our pupil body.
  5. Funded Places: The College is committed to significant year-on-year growth in funded places to ensure more boys of talent from all backgrounds can come to Radley.
  6. Partnerships: We will strengthen our links with the city and university of Oxford and with the local village, and we will develop new partnerships with schools and other organisations - academic and commercial - at home and abroad.
  7. Spiritual and mental health: Pastoral care remains our highest priority. We will, underpinned by our Christian ethos, strive to develop values, confidence, and resilience in boys which will strengthen and prepare them for the challenges they face. 
  8. Preparation for the world beyond Radley: Through careers advice, university preparation, curriculum innovation, effective links with Old Radleians, and our global perspective, Radleians will be better prepared to engage with the world beyond our gates: locally, nationally and internationally.
  9. Technology: Infrastructure will continue to develop, and appropriate use of technology in teaching and learning will grow: we will enable boys to become safe, skilled and innovative in a digital age.
  10. Reputation: Through a new website and increased communication with parents, the wider College community and beyond, we will ensure that Radley is known for what it is, not what people think it to be.
  11. Size of school: We will identify the optimum size of the school, considering College ethos, cost structures, educational requirements and facility management, and begin to implement, if and when necessary, any required change.
  12. Estates planning: A ten year site development plan will be drawn up with detailed logistical and financial planning and the identification of fund-raising opportunities. Implementation will begin according to plan. 

The College Council (Board of Governors) works closely together with the Warden and Common Room in order to deliver the above.  They are committed to ensuring that the College has the highest quality of staff, both academic and non-academic, and facilities to match. We aim to be a world-class school offering the very best education for boys aged 13-18.