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We have been so delighted to welcome the Radley community back to campus this term; I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the boys and staff - academic and operational - for their responsibility, hard work, innovation and energy in helping us to deliver as full an education as possible in as normal an environment as possible. 

We are very pleased, and fortunate, that Radley remains COVID free and we have had no cases amongst any of our pupils or staff at present. We are also in the happy position of being situated within an enclosed campus in an area where the risk remains low.  

We continue to send strong messaging to the whole Radley community regarding social distancing and hand washing. Many boys and staff are wearing masks around the site and this is being supported. The Covid Core Team has implemented a clear and defined strategy and while we take nothing for granted we feel at this stage that our approach is striking the right balance. 

In terms of social distancing, we are using the 1m+ definition. This means that we try to be greater than 1m where possible but also that where that is not possible, extra mitigants are in place. We remain confident that we have sufficient testing kits and the appropriate measures in place.    

Below you will find further information on the principles and strategies we have adopted to enable us to bring the Radley cohort back together, along with an FAQ paper on testing for corona virus from the Medical Centre’s Lead Nurse, Alex Gilley. 

We appreciate there is widespread concern in these challenging times but please rest assured that the safety of our whole community - students, staff, and families - is our top priority. 

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