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The Radley Day

The Radley Day

The boys at Radley are busy and purposeful. The timings of the school day may seem a little complicated but they are designed to fit in as many activities as possible. 

 Summer Timetable
Mar - Oct)
Winter Timetable
(Oct - Mar)
 Mon, FriTue, Thur, SatMon, FriTue, Thu, Sat
08:30-09:15Period 1
09:20-10:00Period 2
10:05-10:45Period 3
10:45-11:15Short Break
11:15-11:55Period 4
12:00-12:40Period 5
13:40-14:40Central Hour
14:40-15:20Period 6Games Tue: Minor Games Sat: MatchesGames / Monday ActivitiesGames Tue: Minor Games Sat: Matches
15:25-16:05Period 7
16:40-17:20Games / Monday ActivitiesPeriod 6
17:25-18:05Period 7
19:10-19:30Chapel (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) / Social Prayers (Wed)
21:00-Cocoa / Societies
21:30-Bedtimes (time dependent on year group)

On Wednesdays morning lessons follow the same pattern. Afternoon lessons are 14:15-15:40 and Academic Priority Time is 16:05-17:30.

Mondays in the first half of the Michaelmas Term follow the Winter Timetable.