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A Radley Education

A Radley Education

At Radley, we seek to enable, guide and inspire boys to become outstanding young men.

We are a full-boarding single-sex environment, in beautiful rural surroundings with stunning facilities, four miles from the university city of Oxford: the perfect setting in which to provide the very best education. Each boy is encouraged, challenged and expected to become a self-aware, confident, caring and independent young man such that when he leaves, he will be ready for the world beyond school: able to engage, lead, and shape his own future successfully.

A Radley education is built on:

  1. Values: A Christian ethos underpins what we are and do, emphasising humility, kindness, responsibility and duty. Chapel is at the heart of the school with the College community meeting daily together for worship and reflection.
  2. Community: We are a close-knit boarding community: everyone is expected to care for everyone else. We place great store by the strength of relationships: between boys and between boys and all staff. The welfare of all is our highest priority.
  3. Aspiration: We unashamedly pursue excellence in all things. Boys are encouraged to better themselves, to be ambitious, to achieve their best: in and beyond the classroom, in mind, body and spirit.
  4. Learning: We encourage intellectual curiosity and provide countless opportunities to explore, develop and discuss ideas. We want boys to love learning.
  5. Independence: We are one community but we celebrate and encourage individuality. Each boy is treated as an individual and develops as one. Diversity of interest, personality, background, and beliefs matter.
  6. Leadership: Boys should develop as leaders. Some will lead with natural authority, others more quietly. We expect all to have the confidence to be themselves, to stand up for what is right and to set an example to others.
  7. Partnership: We are not a school in isolation. We work together with parents in all we do. We seek partnerships at home and abroad to share good practice, broaden horizons and develop a balanced and global perspective for all boys.
  8. Challenge: Boys must develop resilience and character: they must be stretched intellectually and physically, taking on new things, being exposed to risk and learning to fail as well as succeed, with grace and fortitude.
  9. Culture: Aesthetic appreciation is a fundamental part of a rounded education. Boys interact with art, literature, music and drama as part of their daily lives, learning to understand and engage with each.
  10. Innovation: The school is committed to delivering education in the most effective way, harnessing the benefits of the latest innovations and research. We seek to lead the way in how and what we teach.
  11. Experience: Breadth of experience is crucial. Within and beyond the College, boys are able to involve themselves in a huge array of sports and activities; whilst each will find their niche and specialism, all will equally benefit from breadth.
  12. Enjoyment: Above all things, education is to be enjoyed: not an indulgent and unambitious enjoyment but rather a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that we have stretched ourselves and achieved success together.

A Radley education is for life. We measure success not just by outcomes at the age of eighteen but, more importantly, by what Radleians go on to do and to be.