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Our Vision for Radley College

Our Vision for Radley College

Radley has always inspired boys to become outstanding young men and we believe that our core values should never change: the timeless Christian qualities of humanity, compassion and understanding of others. Yet as the world changes, so we must look at things afresh: we must make our values and the educational opportunity we provide genuinely relevant in a world of technology and expanding diversity, cultures and attitudes. Our vision is to create global citizens of the future: those who care for and about others (citizens) and who can do so in any environment or place (global). We want all our boys to be ready to embrace the challenges of a future not yet realised.

To do this, we must seek an increased number of boys from different backgrounds; boys with different outlooks and experiences, from different social, cultural and economic circumstances. We must ensure a Radley education remains within the reach of families who might now find an education here beyond them. We must seek boys of talent in all areas: boys who will create a profound and lasting impact on those around them and on the world in which they live. And we must then make sure that the education we offer them is outstanding and lifelong in its effects.

I am a great believer that our core values should never change.

John Moule

The Three Pillars | Frequently Asked Questions | Our Ambitions 

Looking to the Future

The Three Strategic Pillars

  • People – providing opportunities for a greater number of talented and deserving boys, from diverse backgrounds, to enjoy the benefits of a Radley education.
  • Place – ensuring that the school provides, and is known for providing, world-class teaching within world-class facilities.
  • Purpose – giving all our boys the understanding, skills and global awareness to contribute positively to a changing world.

We invite you to watch three videos which can be found below: Our Vision for Radley, Thank you Radley and a recording of the Vision Event which took place in October 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We were delighted with the positive response to the event in October 2016 that we held in London; at that event, we asked for feedback and described the way in which we wanted to continue ‘the conversation’. This is not a short term process but rather a long-term vision; it is by its very nature organic, built on a series of values and principles, developing over time.

Inevitably, as we look to the future, people ask questions. Below are some of those that have been frequently asked, with our answers.

1. Radley is hugely successful. Why change it?
2. What does 'global citizen' mean in practice?
3. Won't a change in intake change the ethos of Radley?
4. How will we find the most deserving candidates for scholarships and bursaries?
5. What percentage of the school will be on scholarships and bursaries?
6. What is the argument for increasing the size of the school? Will larger numbers not change the ethos and feel of the college?
7. Has Radley done away with the list system? Where does the Warden's List fit in?
8. Is the school becoming more 'academic' in its entry requirements?
9. What proportion of the school will be boys from international backgrounds?
10. Will there be an expansion of the Sixth Form?
11. Will it be more difficult for my own son/grandson to get in?
12. When does it all happen?
13. How will it all be funded?
14. Why is Radley not being bolder?

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Our Ambitions

Working together, the Radley community (boys, staff, parents, old Radleians, friends of the College) can realise our vision. Vital to this is the mission of the Radley Foundation.

The Radley Foundation

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