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Science and Technology

Science and Technology

This group comprises Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Design Engineering (incorporating Electronics) and *Information Technology. The importance of these subjects should be self-evident. 

All boys study Sciences up to GCSE, as part of the Core, with a decision made at the end of the Remove year on who will sit the Dual Award and who will be examined in Triple Science. 

The lesson allocation for Science is three periods each in the Shell year and four each in the GCSE years (regardless of whether the final qualification is Dual Award or Triple Science).

In the Shell year, there are four periods allocated to Design Engineering, while Computational Thinking is incorporated into the Critical Thinking Programme, on two periods a cycle.

In the sixth form, all subjects are taught for ten periods a cycle. *However, please note that we do not offer formal qualifications in Information Technology/Computer Science at either GCSE or A level. 

What is Dual Award GCSE?
What is Triple Science GCSE?
Which sets take Triple Science GCSE?
When are decisions made?
Will my son be disadvantaged if he takes Dual Award rather than Triple science?
Choosing Your GCSEs
Choosing Your A Levels
Roger Shaw
Roger Shaw
Senior Master, Head of Science
I started my teaching career at Radley and after a stint as Head of Mathematics at the King's School in Chester I returned. I am the Senior Master responsible for the database, reports, the calendar, the new website, publications, policy documents, inspections and the timetable. Previously I have run a Social, been Head of Exams and in charge of Community Partnerships, organising many projects in Romania and India. I am an inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate.
Michael Noone
Michael Noone
Head of Biology
I joined Radley as Head of Biology in 2011. I graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2002 and have taught the subject in Oxfordshire schools ever since, picking up an M.Sc. in Education along the way. I am passionate about the natural world and am responsible for the much-loved biology animals which are a great favourite with the boys. I also run the Honduras Expedition and a wide variety of activities within the College, including the Biology Society, Fifth Form (academic) Society and Sub Aqua Club. I also help out with other things like Sailing and Roman Catholic Mass and, when not teaching, can be found in H Social where I am Resident Sub-Tutor. When the boys are away I enjoy wildlife, travel, reading, history and all things baroque, especially the music.
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson
Head of Design Engineering
I have been teaching DT at Radley since September 2000. I did my BSc in Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University. Prior to Radley I taught DT at Monmouth school in South Wales for four years. Since being at Radley I have been a resident Sub-Tutor in E Social for six years – giving me a real insight into how Radley works. Outside the classroom, I have a passion for making ‘stuff’ and nothing makes me happier than making a mess in the workshop.
Oliver Choroba
Oliver Choroba
Head of Chemistry
I completed an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg before carrying out graduate research (MPhil and PhD) in the field of bio-organic chemistry at the University of Cambridge where I was a member of St John’s College. After another four years as a Research Fellow at St John’s, I embarked on a teaching career at Charterhouse where I taught IGCSE, A level, PreU and IB Chemistry and also became Head of Chemistry, Master i/c Rowing and was involved in Oxbridge applications. Whilst at Charterhouse I completed a PGCE at the University of Buckingham and an MA in Philosophy from Birkbeck College, University of London. After a brief stint as a Housemaster at Gordonstoun I rejoined the academic side of school teaching to be the Head of Chemistry at Radley College in 2018. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry and SCI. I have co-written and edited a number of chemistry texts and online courses (online text for the PreU Chemistry course by CUP and the Pearson IGCSE textbook). When I am not reading scientific or philosophical non-fiction I like to play golf, ski, and above all spend time with my family. I am also a lover of fine food and wine. At Radley I am a sixth form master, a Sub-Tutor of A Social and help with rowing, community service and the Shell pre-CCF programme.
Andrew Norman
Andrew Norman
Head of Physics
I joined Radley in 2015, after five years teaching at a rural comprehensive in Cheshire, and became head of physics in 2018. Before embarking on a teaching career, I read natural sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge. At Radley, I coach rowing, run the upper sixth academic society, and am a sub-tutor in G social. I also enjoy music and outdoor adventurous activities such as hillwalking.

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