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2023 Open Entry: UK Prep School Entrants Only

2023 Open Entry: UK Prep School Entrants Only

2023 Entry

The deadline has now passed for UK based candidates for our 2023 Open Entry process. Please contact the Admissions Office if you would like your son to enter - in the first instance we will ask you to speak to your son's school and ask them to contact us to endorse his late application and to send a reference.  

For practical purposes, the forms for late entrants are still given given but please contact the Admissions Office  before completing a form.  If you have any queries about seeing the School, please go to our Visits Page .

If you are looking for the Open Entry information for Overseas entrants, please see the 13+ Entry Overseas page

Guides and Financial Forms for 2023:

Applicants proceed as follows:

In June of Year 5: Download Open Entry Application Forms from the website.

Before February of Year 6: If possible, visit Radley. Please call the Admissions Office to book an appointment. In early October Year 6 we will invite anyone on our enquiry lists for an official Open Entry visiting day.

30th November of Year 6: Deadline to sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test (CPT). Details of how to enter can be found in the Parent and School Guide (at the top of this page). There is a non-refundable entry fee of £250 at this stage. Open Entry candidates must sit the ISEB Common pre-test (CPT), at their current school or a trusted centre. We request a Head's report from the boy's current school which must be with us by mid-January of Year 6. The CPT is a standardised, age-adaptive measure of ability and attainment. It takes the form of an online assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. The tests take approximately two-and-a-half hours to complete and can be taken together or at separate times. Full details can be found on the ISEB website (www.iseb.co.uk).

March of Year 6: We will inform parents as to whether their son has been shortlisted for further assessment.

May of Year 6: Shortlisted Open Entry candidates will come for interview and assessment. The 2021 Assessment dates are as follows:

22nd April, 29th April, 4th, 6th, 11th and 13th May 2021. These Assessment days for shortlisted candidates are held at Radley.  Boys will have an interview (30 minutes) and a written assessment and will visit two Socials with their parents. Schools should let us know in advance if any of the assessment dates are going to be impossible for their pupils to attend. Music pre-auditions will also take place on these days.

End of May of Year 6: Results of the Open Entry process will be given as follows:

A List: Unconditional offers will be made to these boys. An acceptance fee of £1,500 will be required at this stage, which is refundable up until 20 months before entry. A List boys will only be required to sit the Common Entrance (13+) for setting purposes although Radley reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to withdraw the offer. Boys on the A List will be invited to look around two Socials, and are able to state their preference; Radley will make every effort for boys to be in their preferred Social.

B List: We cannot offer a firm place at present, but would expect to reach a good number of boys who are on the B List in due course, as some of those who are on the A List will withdraw over time. Unconditional offers will be made as and when places arise. 

January to March of Year 8: Scholarships. We would expect many Open Entry candidates to enter for these.

Please contact the Admissions Office if you have exceptional reasons as to why you are applying late. 

Vanessa Hammond
Vanessa Hammond
Arriving in 1994, eight and a half months pregnant, means I am unlikely to forget our first weeks at Radley! Since then I’ve been thoroughly involved in Radley life, not least twelve years in G Social where my husband was Tutor. My career began in sports marketing, then to schools' fundraising and marketing, but, as a keen golfer, the view of Radley’s 8th hole is certainly the best I’ve ever had from a desk.
Harry Hammond
Harry Hammond
Senior Master
I came to Radley in 1994 to run the Chemistry Department. This was followed by twelve very happy years as G Social Tutor. When we moved out of the Social in 2010 we had a wonderful sabbatical, including a month teaching in Madagascar, before taking up our new roles: I became Head of Co-Curricular activities and my wife, Vanessa, took over as Registrar. In 2015 I became Head of External Affairs; which involves an overview of Admissions as well as a consideration of everything to do with Radley in the outside world. We have two grown up daughters – Georgina and Lucy – and lots of family in Norfolk, where both our families have lived for generations. We play a lot of golf in the holidays, enjoy beautiful walks on the Norfolk beaches with Nutmeg, the yellow Labrador, and I watch as much of Arsenal FC as I can.