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Introduction to 13+ Entry

Introduction to 13+ Entry

Boys are admitted to Radley from the age of 13 and around 145 boys come to Radley in the Shell year. 

The boys join the school in September and should be under 14 on 31st August in the year of entry. We strongly encourage applications from overseas candidates who follow a very similar entry process to UK students. 

2021 and 2022 Entry

Our Admissions process is now largely complete for these years except for Scholarship. We would be delighted to hear from you if your son is a likely scholar.  Please contact the Admissions Office to discuss this further and to arrange a visit.

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2023 Entry

The deadline for our Admissions process for 2023 Radley List Registered and 2023 Open Entry UK has now passed. Please feel free to call the Admissions Office if you have missed this deadline and would like to make an enquiry - in the first instance, we will ask you to speak  with your son's school to ensure they endorse your son's late application and we will ask them to send a reference. 

2023 Radley List Registered  2023 Open Entry UK

2023-2028 Entry Onwards

Please find admission details for 2023-2028 (Registered Aged Below 3 Years) and 2023-2028 Open Entry UK.   Overseas candidates should go to 13+ Overseas Entry for all years for more information.

2023 to 2028 Registered  2023 to 2028 Open Entry

2029-2034 Unregistered Entry Onwards

We still very much encourage early registration for these years so that your son can join the Radley List.  

Please either contact the Admissions for full details of the process, or complete the Enquiry Form online and we will send you the Prospectus and necessary Registration Forms.

2029 to 2034 Unregistered

Vanessa Hammond
Vanessa Hammond
Arriving in 1994, eight and a half months pregnant, means I am unlikely to forget our first weeks at Radley! Since then I’ve been thoroughly involved in Radley life, not least twelve years in G Social where my husband was Tutor. My career began in sports marketing, then to schools' fundraising and marketing, but, as a keen golfer, the view of Radley’s 8th hole is certainly the best I’ve ever had from a desk.
Harry Hammond
Harry Hammond
Senior Master
I came to Radley in 1994 to run the Chemistry Department. This was followed by twelve very happy years as G Social Tutor. When we moved out of the Social in 2010 we had a wonderful sabbatical, including a month teaching in Madagascar, before taking up our new roles: I became Head of Co-Curricular activities and my wife, Vanessa, took over as Registrar. In 2015 I became Head of External Affairs; which involves an overview of Admissions as well as a consideration of everything to do with Radley in the outside world. We have two grown up daughters – Georgina and Lucy – and lots of family in Norfolk, where both our families have lived for generations. We play a lot of golf in the holidays, enjoy beautiful walks on the Norfolk beaches with Nutmeg, the yellow Labrador, and I watch as much of Arsenal FC as I can.