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13+ Academic Scholarship

13+ Academic Scholarship

The 2022 Academic Scholarship Application Form will be available from June 2021 and the Stage One and Stage Two assessment dates will be in January and February 2022.  Full details to follow.

Assessment Dates

  • Stage One: To be sat at current school late January 2022
  • Stage Two: To be sat at Radley for all shortlisted candidates late February 2022

The Two Stage Process

All candidates who enter the academic scholarship are now invited to sit both stages but only shortlisted candidates will be invited to Radley to sit the Stage Two papers and they will also have two interviews - one with the Warden or a member of Senior Management and one with English dons.  Boys who are not shortlisted will still sit all the scholarship papers but will do so at their current school or invigilator centre (timetable below).  If they do exceptionally well, then it is possible that we would then invite one or two extra candidates to Radley for interviews.

As with previous years, any candidate who has done well enough in both Stages One and Two of our scholarship will be exempt from Common Entrance.

Details of the process are as follows:

Stage One

Stage One is to be sat at current schools or invigilator centres.

  • English:  2 hours.   Bespoke papers are written each year, but the same key skills of comprehension and composition will be the focus, as in previous scholarship papers.
  • Maths:  1 hour. This will be the same format as Paper 1 of previous scholarship papers, examples of which are on the website. 

Stage Two

Stage Two is to be sat either at Radley, for shortlisted candidates, or at current schools.  If a boy is not shortlisted and he does not follow the CE curriculum, he will not need to sit this stage, but he may be asked to sit CE Science and Maths for setting purposes.

The timetable for shortlisted candidates is likely to follow last year's format as follows:

Day One
10.15 - 11.45amScience (90 mins)
1-2pmMaths, Paper 2 (60 mins)
2 - 3.15pmFrench & Dictee (75 mins total)
3.30 onwardsGreek (45 mins) German/Spanish (30 mins +15 mins dictado) or Interview
Day Two
8.30 - 10.30amCommon Paper: History (45 mins), Geography (45 mins), Religious & Ethical Studies paper (30 mins)  - (2 hrs total)
10.40 am Latin (75 mins) 
10.40 amLanguage Aptitude Test (30 mins)
12 noonInterviews (SMT and English dons) 
Outline of the Papers

Awards are made each year at 13+ for Academic excellence as well as outstanding ability in Art, Drama, Music and Sports.

Scholarships are worth up to 10% of the fees, and Exhibitions up to 5%.  All awards, with the exception of a Music Exhibition, can be means tested up to 100% of the fees.