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New Boys

New Boys

Information for new boys and parents September 2021

Dear Parents

A very warm welcome to the Radley College Community. It is an outstanding school with a long tradition and we hope that your son will be very happy and flourish in our close-knit environment. We believe this is the start of a unique educational experience - with every academic opportunity, a strong pastoral support system and an exceptional enrichment and co-curricular programme for all: we look forward to helping your son make the most of his years with us.

We hope you will find all the information below that you need to make his start here as smooth as possible. (Please ensure that you scroll down the page to access all the available sections). Further details about the various opportunities available can be found on our website.

Please take the time to read all the sections below carefully and when you have done so, please complete the New Boys' Form here by Monday 31 May.

The Medical Centre has a team of qualified nurses and one First Aid and Sports Health Coordinator, who is a Paramedic Emergency Care Practitioner. The team provides 24hr care for the boys during term time. Medical Forms will be sent separately by post to you. It is essential for all parents of new boys (Shells, Removes and Sixth Form) to complete these forms as soon as possible, including any printout vaccination history obtained from your son's current GP Practice.   

Due to Medical confidentiality and the sensitive nature of information, the forms need to be returned directly to the Medical Centre (not Admissions) either by email to: medical.centre@radley.org.uk or by post to Medical Centre, Radley College, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 2JG. 

The Bursary will also be sending you further information about billing and direct debit payment details by email and there will be further forms to complete and return direct. 

We very much look forward to welcoming our new pupils to the school in September 2021. We will do all that we can to provide your son with an experience that will serve him for the rest of his life - school, university and beyond.

With best wishes

Sophie Langdale
Director of Admissions and Communications


New Shells' Guide


175 years ago, four men met in Oxford to plan a new type of school. In 1847 the school opened with 3 pupils and 4 teachers. 'Untold stories' explores how that school became the Radley College of today by telling the stories of everyday life from food to pets, from the first phonograph recordings to Virtual Radley 2. The New Boys of 2021 are a part of that story.



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