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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Memory of:

*listed in order of start year at Radley, with staff listed first

Ronnie Howard (Common Room 1960–1988)
Died on 9th February 2020

Frank Grenfell (Common Room 1972–1979)
Died on 3rd December 2019

Adrian John Conway Seymour (1932, G)
Died on 12th September 2020

Gordon Hewitt (1933, G) 
Died on 2nd April 2020  

John Edward Alexander Tyson (1934, A)
Died on 3rd May 2019

Gerald Roy Jones (1935, E) 
Died on 12th April 2020 

Alan Lytton Thornhill (1935, H) 
Died on 4th March 2020 

Basil Henry Mosenthal (1936, F)

Richard Norman Ohlenschlager MBE (1939, E) 
Died on 25th April 2020

Richard Haddon (1940, A) 
Died on 24th April 2020 

Michael Frederick Aldersmith (1940, C) 
Died on 2nd August 2012 

Hugh Cliford Allen (1940, E) 
Died on 4th July 2020  

Patrick Ian Normand (1941, D) 
Died on 28th June 2020  

John Harold Fawcett (1942, D)
Died on 14th December 2019

Lennox Alexander Hawkins Napier (1942, F) 
Died on 21st July 2020  

Francis George Wells (1942, H)
Died on 2nd December 2019

Roger Rosier (1943, D) 
Died on 20th April 2020 

Anthony Ewart Frank Cornwell (1943, F) 
Died on 26th August 2017  

Michael Arthur Boyd Clutsom (1944, E) 
Died on 2nd April 2020  

Christopher Neville Hudson (1944, E)
Died on 8th February 2020

Declan John Walton (1944, E)  
Died on 5th April 2020 

Ralph Donald Waterer (1944, G) 
Died on 4th June 2020 

Christopher James Farrer (1945, D)
Died in November 2019

David Peter Wynne-Griffiths (1945, H) 
Died on 20th May 2020  

Brian Paul Denyer (1946, A) 
Died on 12th April 2020  

Thomas William Readett-Bayley (1947, D)
Died on 16th February 2018

John Stanley Marshall Scott (1948, C)
Died in January 2020

James Edward Ian Ferguson (1949, C)
Died on 2nd March 2020

Peter Van Oss (1949, D) 
Died on 9th May 2020  

Antony Jonathan Pudden (1950, A) 
Died on 1st May 2017 

William Jeremy Wakeley (1950, A) 
Died on 25th June 2020  

Christopher l'estrange Backhouse (1950, B)
Died on 20th September 2019

Giles Bartleet (1950, B) 
Died on 9th April 2020 

John Christopher Lewis (1950, D)

Robert Colin Harrison (1951, B)
Died on 23rd March 2020

Brian Ellis Shawcross (1951, E)
Died on 11th December 2019

Ian James Robertson (1952, B)
Died on 15th November 2019

Timothy Patrick O'Connor-Fenton (1952, C) 
Died on 27th October 2019 

Euan David Wallace (1952, F)
Died on 20th December 2019

Roger Peter Watson (1952, F) 
Died on 27th March 2020  

John Francis Fuller-Sessions (1953, A)
Died on 20th September 2020

Richard Arthur Herbert Perkins (1953, E)
Died on 13th January 2020

Robert Brooke Cromwell Prescott (1954, A) 
Died on 26th March 2019 

James William Legg Bucknall (1956, B)
Died on  6th October 2020

Robert Norrie Williams (1957, B)

Robert Julian Crawfurd (1957, C)
Died on Monday 10 March 2020

Julian Matthew Hepburn (1957, C)  
Died in January 2020 

Philip William Hope-Cobbold (1957, C) 
Died on 8th July 2020  

Alexis John Dogilewski (1958, E)
Died on 7th October 2020

Nicholas David Hayes (1961, F)

Andrew Hughes Hallett (1961, C)
Died on 31st December 2019

Jonathan Patrick Harding (1966, E)
Died in 2020

David Robin Fyfe-Jamieson (1967, B)
Died on 16th October 2020

Nigel Palgrave Brown (1967, D) 
Died on 2nd October 2018 

Peter Edward Collard (1969, F)
Died on 19th June 2019 

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