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We want Radley to be a place of real diversity, seeking out and attracting boys who possess the qualities to make the most of themselves and help transform the lives of those around them.

Our ambition is to be able to enable the brightest and best to study here and play an active part in all aspects of Radley life. We want to attract boys from any background: those who can afford full fees, partial fees or no fees at all.

In 2018/19, 67 boys are receiving bursarial help, enabling them to come to and to remain at Radley. Yet our ambition goes far beyond this.  

We want to enable 20% of the college (up to 150 boys) to get the financial help they need.

Crucially, the bursaries we provide will not only transform the lives of the boys who receive them.  Indirectly, their presence, character and talents will change the lives of everyone they meet and engage with, both in College and beyond. The Funds listed below directly support this mission by providing Bursaries and Scholarships to boys who would otherwise be unable to enjoy the benefits of a Radley education:

Scholarships & Bursaries - Immediate Use Fund
To enable the College to give 20% of boys coming to Radley the financial help they need.

Including named Funds:

  • Armed Forces Fund
    Funding the education of sons and daughters of Forces Personnel killed or wounded while serving their country.
  • Richard Morgan Award
    An 'immediate use' Fund to widen entry and support talented boys whose families could not otherwise afford the fees.
  • Anthony Hudson Scholarship
    Set up in 2016 in memory of Anthony Hudson. This is an immediate use fund offering means-tested bursaries.
  • Hamish Aird Foundation Award
    Hamish retired from Radley in 2016 after 50 years' service to the school. A Foundation Award was set up in his name which funds means-tested bursaries.
  • Hugo Rutland Memorial Fund
    Help for current Radley parents facing unforeseen crisis and financial difficulty.
  • Greater China Scholarship Fund
    A means-tested award for boys from mainland China and Hong Kong to attend Radley for 5 years.

Scholarships & Bursaries Endowment Fund

We hope to build a Scholarships & Bursaries Endowment Fund of sufficient size to enable us to continue to support the need for financial assistance of the longer term.

Including named Fund:

  • Silk Fund
    A capital fund to widen entry and fund talented boys whose families could not otherwise afford the fees.

 Radley was no ordinary place for an Albanian boy and my time there was not ordinary. I often think how lucky I have been to benefit from the Silk Fund and the difference it has made in my life.

Besart Kadia, 1999 F