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Through working together in partnership we aim to provide mutual benefit and meaningful impact. We plan carefully to develop opportunities with our partners through which we can all learn and grow together, developing character and preparing each individual to make a positive contribution to wider society.

We work closely with our strategic partners at Desborough College and Broadway Academy, and are developing a more formal learning partnership with local schools in Abingdon. Our approach to partnership extends beyond just the academic benefits of teacher development and the learning opportunities for primary and secondary school children. We also look to partner through our co-curricular activities, with a particular focus on music and sport. Through partnering on projects in our local community as well as community links developed overseas, we place a particular focus on our environment and sustainability.

Strategic Partners

More than 60 A Level mathematicians have volunteered to join the Colet Mentoring programme. Radleians provide daily online 1-to-1 maths tuition to GCSE students at Broadway Academy, Newman Catholic College and Desborough College. During the Christmas period alone, over 200 individual tutorials were delivered.

I am delighted at the opportunity, and would like to further improve on the engagement already witnessed.

Head of Maths, Newman Catholic College, Brent 

35 Shells are working in collaboration with their counterparts at Desborough College, benefiting from an online lecture programme delivered by teachers. Reflecting upon the lectures, the students are producing a piece of collaborative work, with an aim to inspire others.


6.1 boys have joined forces with more than 50 students from local Abingdon schools - Larkmead, Fitzharrys, John Mason and Abingdon School - to be trained as academic coaches. Each boy is using the techniques learnt to support younger children across the town during the recent period of lockdown.

It has been great to collaborate with other schools on such interesting and current subjects. The process has been enhanced by different perspectives people offer.

Yr 12 Abingdon Edge Student 

Radley STEPS programme continues to work with nine primary schools in the Oxford and Abingdon area to deliver sessions of academic enrichment to pupils operating at greater depth. Boys in 6.1 work alongside their teachers to deliver a wide range of activities and experiences for the visiting children.


Inspired by a discussion with the Abingdon Music Centre, boys from Radley, pupils from local secondary schools and our music teachers have combined to produce online music assemblies for primary school children. Over 20 schools are signed up, with more than 550 children having already watched the first assembly. 

Thank you for yesterday's music assembly. It was fun to have the warm-up and be active. How I wish we could have all the children at school to do similar activities with them and sing again!

Headteacher, Sunningwell Primary School 


Our group of Young Sport Leaders are producing PE activity videos to share with local schools in collaboration with Broadway Academy, Active Oxfordshire and the Oxford Hub.


Over the past 10 years we have built a programme of support and friendship working alongside a partner school in Mbulu, Tanzania. Fund raising has allowed for the donation of books and laptops. Radleians have helped to develop a range of interactive teaching styles to aid learning where there are up to 60 pupils in a classroom.

Since 2007, over 200 boys and staff have performed more than 500 music concerts in 35 local care home and hospitals. This is placed alongside the longstanding work of boys and staff in local schools, charities and organisations. Just recently a group of boys helped to clear the village pond to provide access for primary school children and create an outdoor learning classroom.

The pond area has become more aesthetically pleasing for the school children and residents and it's such an asset having a working party from the College to help with its upkeep.

Radley Parish Council 

Environment and Sustainability

In promoting environmental sustainability and as part of our community action project, our boys have teamed-up with the Radley ground staff to plant new trees and clear areas of overgrown woodland enabling local primary school children to use our grounds as both an outside classroom and forest school.

I can see in the future the wood becoming a great place for students from local schools to visit the woods as it will be a safe environment.

Yr 11 Radley Student 

We are working with ImpactEd to measure the benefits of our academic work with our partner schools, and with Oxford Brookes University Business School to consider the mutual benefits with the local community.


Public Benefit Document

John Sparks
John Sparks
Director of Partnerships
I was appointed the first Director of Partnerships at Radley in September 2020. Since arriving at Radley in 1996 (Tutor C Social, 2006 to 2016), I have seen the many benefits from working in collaboration with partners; locally, nationally and overseas. My year of secondment to Desborough College provided further understanding of how meaningful collaboration between schools and other organisations can bring positive impacts to students and staff. There is no doubt that we learn and grow more from working alongside others. I look forward to further developing our partnership opportunities into the future.