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Radley Council & Senior Management Team

Radley Council & Senior Management Team

Council (The Governing Body)

The governing body of Radley College, known as the Council, comprises a maximum of 21 members and provides guidance on all matters relating to the running of the College. It appoints the Warden.

Full meetings of the Council take place each term and in addition there are termly meetings of the Investment Committee (which monitors the investment of endowments and the reserve fund) and the General Purposes Committee (which considers the financial business of the College and the development of the estate and buildings).

Two members of Council have particular responsibility for Common Room matters and meet Common Room once a term.

The Chairman of Council can be contacted by post at: Mr David Smellie, c/o Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR.

DCS Smellie, MA (Chairman)GA Kaye, BSc, FRICS (Vice Chairman)
TO Seymour, MAMJW Rushton, MA
NJ Henderson, MA, FRCS Mrs DJ Pluck, FCA
Mrs E McKendrick, BATM Durie, BA, ACA, FSI
JC Bridcut, MVO, MARH Warner, FCA
Sir John Holmes GCVO, KBE, CMGRNL Huntingford, FCA
Mrs E.J MartineauHJR Willis, MA
SJB Shaw, BA, ACA Revd Dr SWP Hampton 
HJR Morris, MEngW Maydon
Mrs M BreenA Ashton, MA, ACIB (Secretary to the Council)

Senior Management Team

The Warden is ultimately responsible for all matters concerned with Radley and is responsible to the Council.

With them, he determines the College's direction, sets tone, priorities and standards, appoints staff, is the final arbiter in all matters of discipline, and is the school's figurehead for parents, staff, boys and prep school heads amongst others. He is assisted by the Senior Management Team.

The Senior Management Team is made up of the Warden, Sub Warden (who deputises for the Warden when required), Academic Director, three Senior Masters, the Bursar, Foundation Director and the Director of Admissions and Communications.

The Bursar is responsible to Council for financial aspects of the school, its buildings and estates and other operational and commercial areas.

JS Moule, MAWarden
BJ Holden, MA, BTechSub Warden
S Rathbone, MA, MAAcademic Director
N Murphy, MASenior Master
RD Shaw, MASenior Master
A Ashton, MABursar
EHM Anderson, BADevelopment Director
SL Langdale, BADirector of Admissions and Communications