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2024 Radley List Registered

2024 Radley List Registered

2024 Radley List process, for candidates who were registered before the age of around 4 yrs (and were told they were on the Provisional List), is now underway.

If your son was on the Radley Waiting List, he will now need to follow the Open Entry route.

Timetable for Radley List

May 2021: Conditional offer received including:

  • A link to complete an online entry form. Deadline to complete the form and pay £250 entry fee: 18th June 2021
  • A Guide for Parents including information about the entry process and applicable deadlines.
  • Information about Socials and instructions to choose three Socials to visit.
  • Importantly, please note that all Radley List candidates must sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test by 30th November 2021 (see below).

4th September 2021: Radley List Visiting Day for boys and parents: A chance to hear a talk from the Warden, tour the school, and 'see' one of your selected Socials.

October 2021 to November 2021:  Assessment Days will take place at Radley. Your son will be interviewed by a member of the Senior Management Team and you will visit your other two selected Socials.

30th November 2021: Deadline for Radley List boys to sit the ISEB Common pre-test (to be organised and sat at your son’s current school or the Bristish Council). The test is a standardised, age-adaptive measure of ability and attainment. It takes the form of an online assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. The tests take approximately two-and-a-half hours to complete and can be taken together or at separate times.

30th November 2021: Deadline to receive a report from your son's current school.

April 2022: Results sent to Radley List boys as follows.

Unconditional Offer: This will be sent to those that pass at the equivalent of 60% and who have impressed at interview. A non-refundable acceptance fee will be required at this stage. These boys will still be required to sit Common Entrance at 13+ largely for setting purposes. Parents of these boys will also be informed where their son is on our Social Lists.

Unsuccessful: This would be sent to candidates we think would not cope with the academic pace at Radley. 

23rd April 2022: Deadline to accept unconditional offer.

31 January 2023: Deadline for the entry fee to be refundable.

June 2024: Boys will sit Common Entrance for setting purposes only.