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13+ Drama Scholarship

13+ Drama Scholarship

The 2022 Drama Scholarship Application Form will be available from June 2021 and the auditions will take place at Radley in late January 2022.  Full details to follow.

Drama Scholarship awards are made as a result of practical assessments and interviews which will be held at Radley. Candidates will be expected to prepare a monologue between 60 to 90 seconds chosen by the candidate.  In addition candidates will take part in a workshop consisting of: drama games, improvisation and sight reading. 

Showreels, portfolios, photos etc should not be sent in advance but we welcome supporting material on the day.

They will also have an interview with the Director of Drama. Reports from prep school Headmasters and current Drama teachers will be important.  Award holders will be expected to take Drama at GCSE and it is hoped that they will continue the subject to AS/A2 level; should this not be case the Award will be reviewed in the light of their commitment to Drama in the Sixth Form.