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13+ Sport Scholarship

13+ Sport Scholarship

The entry deadline for the Application for 2021 Sport Scholarship has now passed.  

2021 Entry deadline: 9 October 2020

Assessment date: 25 January 2020  (delayed from 19 November).

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have had to delay our 2021 assessment day.  In the meantime, please feel free to send in video clips of your son playing the sports in which he was going to be assessed. 

General summary regarding Sport Scholarships:

In order to gain a Sport Scholarship at Radley, a candidate will need to be outstanding in at least two of our major sports:  rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing and tennis.  A Sport Exhibition (a more minor award) can be gained if he is truly exceptional in one of our major sports or in several other sports, including real tennis, rackets, squash and golf. 

On our assessment day, therefore, a candidate will have the option to enter three sports but please note that he should be very strong in all three.  If he is outstanding at two sports, this will be enough to gain a scholarship and we do not need a third - we are interested in quality, not quantity. Also, it is important to note that your son can only represent Radley at one Summer sport, so he can only select one from: cricket, tennis OR rowing.  

Finally, please note that we are happy to hear about your son’s football ability but it is not one of our major sports and will not be assessed at scholarship. 

Sports that we consider in the assessment are:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Rowing

If a candidate is outstanding at golf and can add another sport to that, or has very strong skills across a wide range of racket sports we would also be happy to see him at the scholarship assessment.

The maximum number of sports that can be assessed is three.

Reports regarding other sports will be taken in to account but will not be assessed.

If possible, Radley dons will try to see candidates playing their respective sports during the year prior to the assessment and parents or prep schools are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to discuss such opportunities. 

The scholarship assessment day will involve a series of practical tests, including general fitness and a one hour assessment in each of the above sports that a candidate is offering.

The Radley College Sports Scholarship Programme aims to develop the sport specific components which are necessary for elite performance. This includes the development of: 

  • Technical Skills by qualified and experienced coaches 
  • Tactical / Game awareness and performance under pressure by qualified and experienced coaches
  • Physical Preparation (Strength & Conditioning) by qualified and experienced coaches 
  • General and Performance Nutrition & Recovery Education 
  • Injury Prevention Programming and Education 
  • Sports Psychology Education 
  • Athlete Mentoring Programme 
  • Supplement & Anti-Doping Education & Advice 
  • Links with Elite Sports Institutions