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Visit Us

Visit Us

We hold a series of Visiting Days on several Saturday mornings at 10am each term.  Parents of all potential candidates, whether registered or not, are welcome to visit. This academic year (September 2020-July 2021) these events are held for parents of boys for entry in 2021, 2022 (non registered scholarship entrants),  2023 and 2024.  We expect around 50 families to attend each Visiting Day - please contact admissions@radley.org.uk to find a date that suits you.  

Boys are very welcome to attend at this stage but we leave it to parents to make this decision. 

Visiting Days at the moment are Virtual meetings - please contact admissions@radley.org.uk to book a date:

15 May 2021 - Virtual Warden's Talk, Questions and Answers only

22 May 2021 - Virtual Warden's Talk, Questions and Answers only

Below are some videos offering a virtual tour of Radley, Music at Radley and Sport at Radley.

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In addition to our General Visiting Days we have some specific visiting days for particular entrants (see below). Please contact admissions@radley.org.uk for full details:

Sixth Form candidates:  This virtual event was held on 3 October 2020 - there will be an event next year for 2022 Sixth Form candidates, date yet to be confirmed. To make an enquiry about joining the Sixth Form please follow this link to complete an enquiry form.

Funded Places candidates: This was held on 7 November 2020 - if you missed it and would like your son to enter for 2021-2023 then please get in touch. If your son is a 2022 candidate we will arrange a special Funded Places Open Event in 2021 - date to be confirmed. 

Potential music scholars 2022:  are encouraged to see the Precentor and you are welcome to contact either Admissions or the Music Department to discuss a pre-audition.

Potential sport scholars 2022:  our Director of Sport is happy to arrange an early sports trial for potential candidates.  Please contact the Registrar if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Radley List candidates 2024 (those who have registered very early):  There will be a day in June of Year 5 when boys and parents will meet a Social Tutor and have a tour of one of their chosen Socials. 

Virtual Tour of Radley

From Radley Video.

Virtual Tour of Music at Radley

Virtual Tour of Sport at Radley

Virtual Tour of life in the Socials