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L Social

L Social

L Social opened in September 2020 and is the newest of Radley's Socials. The site for the Social is what was once the Warden's house (from 1935-2014), commissioned by Warden Ferguson (1925-1937)

In L Social, we seek to create an environment in which boys’ passions are celebrated, differences are embraced, and individuals can thrive. We enthuse the boys about every aspect of College life so they may take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities on offer. We hope that by the time they leave Radley, boys who have been members of L will be confident, mature and independent young men who feel comfortable expressing themselves.  

In 2020, L Social welcomed 50 boys:

  • A full Shell year of new boys
  • A full Remove year made of 2019 Shells who moved across from other Socials
  • A full 6.1 year who are a mixture of new boys and those that decided to move across from other Socials
  • A smaller cohort of 6.2 boys who have been given positions of leadership within the Social and the College.

From 2021 onwards, L Social will be exactly like the other Socials and will be completely full.

Joining L Social is an exciting and unique opportunity to be a pioneer. Together we will write a new chapter in Radley’s already rich boarding history. 

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Ali Hakimi
Ali Hakimi
Physics Teacher, Tutor of L Social
I first came to teach at Radley in 2011 after completing a PhD in Material Science in Cambridge. For four happy years I taught physics and was Resident Sub Tutor of D Social. I left in 2015 to fulfil a lifelong dream of living and working abroad and spent the next three years running a boarding house at Marlborough College, Malaysia. In 2018 I rejoined the Radley Common Room and was delighted to be appointed L Social Tutor. I am an extremely keen sportsman, with Cambridge Blues in football and real tennis and, when not teaching physics, I can generally be found on the sports fields coaching or keeping myself fit. I have coached rugby, real tennis, lawn tennis and the 1st XI football team. I enjoy reading, particularly English classics by Thomas Hardy, dystopian fiction, historical books about revolutionary periods and figures, as well as physics-based popular science books. I write Haikus in my spare time (mostly about working in boarding) and enjoy fostering a love for writing and literature in others. My wife, Laura, is a part-time researcher at Oxford University’s Department of Education, and we have three young (born 2014, 2016, 2018), energetic and very sociable children! As a family we are very keen on travel and took full advantage of South East Asia during our time there. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to open L Social in September 2020 and look forward to building a thriving and happy community.
Deb Healy
Deb Healy
L Social Pastoral Housemistress
I have had a varied career and have undertaken many working roles both in support of local military units (whilst accompanying my husband during his time in the Army), and more recently as a senior administrator in a local state secondary school. Collectively, my jobs over the years have allowed me to travel extensively; I have enjoyed this privilege immensely. I am looking forward very much to starting work with L Social, and especially to sharing the life skills and support experience I have gained over the years with the boys and with colleagues. In addition to bringing up our three (now grown up) girls I still enjoy travelling, making new acquaintances and meeting up with friends.
Anneliese Davies
Anneliese Davies
Head of Spanish, L Social Sub-Tutor, Master I/C Polo
Prior to my Joint Honours degree in Chinese and Spanish at the University of Leeds, I was awarded a scholarship to spend ten months studying and working in Shanghai. This experience truly cemented my itinerant nature and led me to seize every opportunity to live and work abroad. I spent my term abroad studying in Granada, Spain, and my year abroad at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. I took my first teaching job at Marlborough College Malaysia. I came back to the UK to finish my teaching training at Highfield School, Liphook, where I was also Assistant Houseparent in the boys’ boarding house, before joining Radley at a teacher of Modern Languages in September 2018. I have always loved coaching sport and here at Radley I coach Midgets Rugby as well as my role as Master in Charge of Polo. My husband, Jamie Davies, is Head of Spanish and Head of Hockey at St. Edward’s School, Oxford, and we join L Social in September with our objectively adorable Springador puppy, Inca.