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Radley College CCF offers a varied programme of adventurous, military and leadership training based on the Armed Forces.

In the summer term of the Shells, boys undertake a term of non-uniform Adventure Training activities. At the start of the Remove year, they enter the CCF formally and begin a programme of joint military training organised by Socials; this includes navigation, first aid, field gun run and a particular emphasis on leadership and teamwork. At the end of this term they are offered the choice of Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force sections and must serve for two further terms in one of these sections. During this time they will undertake two Field Weekends, and also have an opportunity to complete a DofE Bronze practice expedition if they so choose. They are encouraged to attend a camp or course, either organised centrally by the RN, Army or RAF, or Radley's own Adventure Training Camps, during the school holidays.

After the Remove year, boys may opt to stay in CCF during the Fifth Form, or join the Community Service scheme. If they stay in the CCF, they undertake advanced training in their section, in preparation for their role as cadet NCOs in the sixth form. The Armed Forces offer a large range of specialist courses, especially to cadets over 16, including flying and gliding, sailing, powerboating, Adventure Training courses, and the highly popular and very successful leadership courses.

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CCF is voluntary for the sixth form; boys in the CCF at this stage are trained for leadership and then put in charge as heads of sections or individual groups of younger cadets. They develop their leadership and teaching skills through delivering training to the younger cadets.

A major event during the year is our Remembrance Sunday parade. Families and Old Radleians are very welcome at the Remembrance Sunday parade but should be aware that space at the Chapel service is limited, and that priority is given to current Radleians. Much of the ceremony takes place outdoors at Memorial Arch, however, where there is ample space. Please contact the school for timings.  

Paul Fernandez
Paul Fernandez
Biology Teacher, Head of Adventurous Activities and Mic Athletics, Commander CCF
As well as teaching Biology, I am CCF Contingent Commander, Head of Adventurous Activities, DofE Award Manager and Master in Charge of Athletics. This includes organising all the CCF Adventurous Training Camps, DofE Expeditions, and other challenging activities: ‘Clock Tower-2-Clock Tower cycle’, the National 3-Peaks, go-karting, paint-balling, wake-boarding, ‘Ridgeway Relay’, 50k relay, 12 labours of Radley – College Fundrasing Event, World Record attempts, and more…. I am qualified to instruct groups on the mountains, biking, climbing, abseiling, and am accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning as an outdoor practitioner. I enjoy running and have represented England at various ultra-distance championships.
Tim Morris
Tim Morris
Succentor, Master I/C Countryside Centre
I am by training a musician and have been the school organist since 1996 and Succentor (assistant in Chapel music) since 1999. In 2001 I learned to fly and by 2003 had been encouraged to join the CCF in the RAF section; in 2009 I became the Contingent Commander. I am also in charge of the Countryside Centre.