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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Memory of:

*listed in order of start year at Radley, with staff listed first

Reverend Michael Jenkins (Chaplain)
Died on 8 January 2021

Edward Michael Sunderland Lewis (1954, C & Common Room 1971-1997)
Died on 27th April 2021

Antony Montague Wood (1937, E)
Died on 25th December 2020

Michael George Day (1939, A)
Died on 17th February 2020

Oliver Villiers Briscoe (1939, D)

William Trueman Shillito (1941, B)
Died on 18th February 2020

Richard James Blencowe (1941, C)

Michael Cradock Robinson (1941, D)
Died on 23rd November 2020

Simon George Melville Portal (1941, E)
Died on 10th March 2021

John Desmond Alexander FitzGerald (1942, C)
Died on 13th February 2021

George David Payne (1942, C)
Died on 24th March 2021

Peter Philip Jarrett Sterwin (1943, A)
Died on 29th November 2020

David Ralph Tristam (1944, C)
Died on 22nd February 2020

John Eric Mackenzie Wigg (1944, E)
Died on 6th January 2021

Michael Frederick Beaver Buchanan (1945, A)
Died on 25th November 2020

Andrew Richard Gaisford Vidal (1945, B)
Died on 9th September 2020

David Hugh Bradbrooke (1946, B)
Died on 23rd January 2021

David William Taylor Hague (1945, F)
Died on 6th December 2020

Wyndham Julian Rogers-Coltman (1946, D)
Died on 8th September 2020

David Spencer Horner (1947, F)
Died on 6th April 2021

Peter Campbell Richards (1949, B)
Died on 2nd April 2021

Timothy Sven Bather (1949, D)
Died on 1st November 2020

Briant Cuyler Holland (1949, D)
Died on 20th January 2021

Jasper James Knight (1950, G)
Died on 26th December 2020

Arthur Thomas Lowry (1951, F)
Died on 25th March 2021

Adrian George Howe Clare (1951, E)
Died on 9th December 2020

John Graham Martin (1952, F)
Died on 29th April 2020

Peter Vernon Hervey (1954, H)
Died on 30th April 2021

Jeremy (Joe) William Fraser (1955, F)
Died on 23rd December 2020

Timothy David Holderness-Roddam (1956, B)
Died on 15th April 2021

Michael John Nicholas Gray (1956, G)
Died 26th February 2021

Colin William Kinloch (1956, H)
Died on 4th January 2020

David Bruce Hammond (1958, B)
Died on 17th June 2020

James Meynell Ingram Hayter (1960, E)
Died on 8th May 2021

Quentin Arthur Seacome (1961, H)
Died on 14th December 2020

Michael William Dawnay (1963, B)
Died on 3rd February 2021

Peter Richard Daws (1963, G)
Died on 2nd January 2021

Edward Christopher Douglas Hooper (1973, F)
Died on 7th August 2019

William George Ulmann (1975, F)
Died on 9th May 2021

Nicholas John Docwra Parker (1978, D)
Died on 31st January 2021

Mrs Susan M Van Oss (Hon Member)
Died on 12th February 2021


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