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Other Sports

Other Sports

Many other sports exist alongside Radley’s traditional sports, and sporting opportunity extends far beyond the realms of the 'traditional' major games. The alternative sports programme (ASP), on offer for Removes upwards in the Michaelmas term provides opportunities for pupils to explore the intricacies of sports such as Fives, Badminton and Basketball.

For boys wishing to develop their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, Swimming, Waterpolo and Cross-country become feasible options, whilst Radley boys also compete successfully in national Sailing and Fencing competitions.

The Countryside Centre ensures that the traditional beagle pack and the sport of Beagling goes from strength to strength, whilst those with an equestrian background can play Polo in the Lent and Summer term.

For many reasons we value the importance of competitive fixtures in these sports and as such play matches or enter competitions in all of the options listed above. Radley prides itself on finding a sport for everyone and with such diversity in the sports programme we hope that pupils of all abilities unearth an enthusiasm for sport which lasts long beyond their time at the College.