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Greater China Scholarship Fund

Greater China Scholarship Fund

Seed-funded by an extraordinary act of generosity by one Old Radleian, Radley is currently establishing the Greater China Scholarship - a means-tested award for boys from Mainland China and Hong Kong to attend Radley for 5 years from the age of 13 to 18.

In the future, as our expertise and outreach develops, the Greater China Scholarship may be extended to include other territories; to begin with the focus will be on Hong Kong.

The Greater China Scholarship will be open to all and, for those who need it, will fund the full 5 years’ education at Radley at up to 100% of fees and will also cover any necessary coaching in the home territory prior to entry, music lessons, UK guardian fees, English lessons, many other extras including some trips and four economy return flights each year.

We must seek more boys from different backgrounds: boys with different outlooks and experiences, from different social, cultural and economic circumstances.  We must become more international in outlook.

John Moule, Warden

The first Greater China Scholar will join Radley in September 2019.