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The Anthony Hudson Scholarship

The Anthony Hudson Scholarship

Anthony Hudson, affectionately known as Huddy, sadly passed away on 8th March 2015. 

In 2016, a number of F Social ORs from around Huddy’s time were involved in discussions about how we might shape and define an Award that bears Huddy’s name. This was in the context of our vision for Radley that seeks to create life-changing opportunities, through the provision of bursaries, for deserving and talented boys. The Anthony Hudson Scholarship (AHS) will seek to create just such wonderful opportunities.

We will seek to give support to the sort of boys that we believe Huddy himself would wish to have at Radley. They will be boys from disadvantaged backgrounds; boys who, without the support of the AHS, really would not otherwise have the chance of coming to Radley.  They will be boys who will foster the spirit of excellence at the College (‘Renaissance men’ as Huddy would regard them): boys with agile, enquiring minds; beyond their academic abilities, they will have an interest or talent for sport, music, drama, or another distinctive hobby; boys with the character, confidence and self-awareness that will enable them not only to thrive at Radley, but with the potential to make a real contribution to the life of the College and far beyond.

We are pleased to report that the first Radleian to be awarded an Anthony Hudson Scholarship joined the Shells in September 2018.