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The Hugo Rutland Memorial Fund

The Hugo Rutland Memorial Fund

The Hugo Rutland Memorial Fund was created in 2005 after the tragic death of Hugo in a drowning accident while on holiday with his family.  The fund provides financial support for current Radley parents finding themselves in unforeseen financial difficulties.

This support has meant a great deal to us.  It would have been dreadful to have to remove our son from Radley in the midst of everything else we have had to cope with this past year.

A Radley Parent

In 2009 we launched a major campaign to maintain the momentum of the HRMF and, from the generosity of donors to this important Fund, it now stands at over £750,000.

The first HRMF Bursary was awarded in September 2007 to a Radleian whose father had suddenly been struck down by severe illness, and a second bursary was awarded in 2009.  A third award was made in 2011 for a VIth former whose father died suddenly in that year.  In total, five awards have so far been made to Radley families in need, including one current boy.