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The Peter & Kewpie Stuart Fund

The Peter & Kewpie Stuart Fund

Peter Stuart (1919-2019), made a life-long contribution to Radley as boy, Master, D Social Tutor and Honorary Secretary of the Radleian Society, died on January 24th at the age of 99.  His wife, Kewpie survives him. 

At the end of last year, two Old Radleians, Hugh Macmillan (1955) and Anthony Westall (1955), approached the Radley Foundation with the suggestion to, in some way, mark Peter's 100th birthday. Peter was not at all well at the time, but was absolutely clear that any commemoration should be for both him and his wife, Kewpie. Both Peter and Kewpie played in the Radley orchestra for many years, so it seemed appropriate to focus on music.

After Peter sadly died in January, the focus could not now be on Peter's 100th birthday, but there has been a strong feeling amongst the OR community who knew Peter and Kewpie that a Fund should be set up in memory of Peter and to acknowledge the contribution to Radley of both Peter and Kewpie.

The establishment of this Fund in Peter and Kewpie's names will support music at Radley. We hope that this will provide bursaries and prizes for talented musicians. In the immediate term, the Precentor, Sam Gladstone, has suggested that donations support the recording and production of a new CD of the Radley Choir, which we can dedicate to Peter and Kewpie.

Contributions of all sizes will be welcome, and of course, the more we raise, the more impact we will be able to make in Peter and Kewpie's names.

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