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The Chapel Fund

The Chapel Fund

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With the expansion of the school in September 2020, the expansion of Chapel had to follow suit.

Chapel is integral to the Radley education. It brings together all in the community to meet, reflect and worship. It instils the core value of community in boys and Dons alike, and is thought of fondly by all.

The expansion will ensure all students can gather comfortably, with the expansion of the North and South apses to provide extra raised seating, and extension of the East end to provide a new sanctuary to house the altar, reredos and other furnishings.

Chapel Fund

Watch the fitting of the lantern

The expansion also features the installation of a new organ, relocated to its original Victorian position on the West Gallery and vastly improving acoustics. The new organ is created by Nicholson & Co. of Malvern, and you can read more about the project and see more photos by visiting their website.

Watch the Farewell to the Old Organ

The building is delicate, and the process is truly ‘brick by brick’. It is vital that a building which has always been part of the College is respected, and we are ensuring there is a seamless join between old and new.

The construction is due to be complete in March 2021, and the new organ will be installed in October 2021.

Chapel really matters. Gathering the whole school together is at the heart of Radley life. It is a fine, long-standing tradition.

Hamish Aird, Sub-Warden (1990-2003)

Watch our Virtual Chapel Open Day 2020  


Click on the image below to see impressions of the completed Chapel. 

Chapel Photo Book-001